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Developing the Right Solution

Buying insurance doesn't have to be a difficult and time consuming project. Why spend hours researching websites for insurance products?

At Zak Insurance we’ll do the research for you. We have access to all the major insurance companies and it is our job to keep up to date on their products. We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and then match the right insurance or financial services plan to your needs .

Our extensive product line and commitment to customer service means that you’ll have the right plan at a competitive price.


We’ll help you make the right choices when it comes to coverage selections, limits, and deductibles. Auto protection from Zak Insurance means you have access to an extensive network of repair professionals with conveniently located shops promising to get you back in your car quickly.


We know you depend on us to schedule your computers, fine arts and other items of value to make sure you have the appropriate coverage.

Health & Life

We have access to a comprehensive line of life and health insurance products for individuals or groups. We can design a plan tailored to meet your individual or employee group benefit requirements.